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Really nice game. I like that it's not a regular platformer. I think the game would benefit from a few particle effects and such, though... for example when duke dashington runs into spikes it always surprises me that there's no blood from it. Also when he hits a wall... it seems only fitting that there should be at least a little bit of dust particles coming off the wall.
Still an excellent action/puzzle game! Keep up the good work! :)

This is an excellent game concept and all the ideas in it have been implemented really really well. It took me a while but I managed to complete the game. It felt like the levels started out hard and then got a bit easier(not a whole lot easier, though). One issue I had is that I didn't feel like the game was rewarding me for figuring out the puzzles. Each level's text in general is very negative and disheartening. Even when you reach the end... it isn't much of a reward... maybe some sort of cutscene or something where the hands find some large golden Aorta would have been better, I don't know.

I can see that this was just a small project, though, and that's why you kept it simple. Fair enough. I know what it is to be tired of working on a game. Keep up the nice work. I look forward to whatever you make next :)

This was fantastic.
I always love a happy ending :)

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It's not perfect, it's not the greatest ever... but it is barely off that mark. I can see this working very well in a certain kind of game. :)

This is so so good. Everything Jewelz123 said.
There's only one problem with it, and that is how it ends... it ends a bit abruptly... I thought maybe the track was intended to loop so I switched the setting to have "loop" on, and it still sounded a bit odd when it looped at the end.
Still a great track with great epic vibes!!!

Very good piano piece!
I thought everything sounded adequate.

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