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It's a nice little puzzle game. The only thing missing is a little bit of variety. For example you could add some other characters or objects that interact differently than the blocks. Nothing complicated just one or two small things would be good to add variety.

Would be 3.5 but since you only had 48 hours I give you a solid 4! Keep up the great work :)

The tetris engine itself is nicely made and seems to work flawlessly, so great work on that. However, there is no sound or music whatsoever, which is a problem. Also it just seems like tetris but with cat faces on the pieces... I was expecting there to be some new spin on the game, not just a minor graphical difference. I don't want to be discouraging, this is a nice little project, but it seems more like something you just made to experiment with using a new IDE.

sweatersjpg responds:

Yeah, I made it in about a week, as an experiment in adding juice and a theme to a game and to develop my game engine more :)

Nice little puzzle game. The menu and interface graphics are cohesive and work well together but the game graphics themselves looked a bit like a pot pourri, they could have been more cohesive. Big kudos to whoever came up with the concept, good one button game ideas aren't easy to come by.

Really nice game. I like that it's not a regular platformer. I think the game would benefit from a few particle effects and such, though... for example when duke dashington runs into spikes it always surprises me that there's no blood from it. Also when he hits a wall... it seems only fitting that there should be at least a little bit of dust particles coming off the wall.
Still an excellent action/puzzle game! Keep up the good work! :)

This is an excellent game concept and all the ideas in it have been implemented really really well. It took me a while but I managed to complete the game. It felt like the levels started out hard and then got a bit easier(not a whole lot easier, though). One issue I had is that I didn't feel like the game was rewarding me for figuring out the puzzles. Each level's text in general is very negative and disheartening. Even when you reach the end... it isn't much of a reward... maybe some sort of cutscene or something where the hands find some large golden Aorta would have been better, I don't know.

I can see that this was just a small project, though, and that's why you kept it simple. Fair enough. I know what it is to be tired of working on a game. Keep up the nice work. I look forward to whatever you make next :)

This was fantastic.
I always love a happy ending :)

i just love sliding on my back...

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